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How To Distinguish Silver Mirror And Aluminium Mirror

How To Distinguish Silver Mirror And Aluminium Mirror

Silver mirror and aluminium mirror have different reflection resolution. Silver mirror is more clear, and geometric angle reflect the source is more specification. Aluminium mirror is low reflection. It is always in short usage life and band corrosion resistance.

The back of silver mirror is grey color, but the aluminium mirror’s back is red color. We can also distinguish the two mirrors from front colors. Silver mirror is dark ruby color, but aluminium mirror is more white and bright.

The appearance of two mirrors looks like no difference. But sliver mirror is expensive than aluminium, because of the cost of aluminium is much less. Sliver mirror is electroplated with silver composition, aluminium is plated with aluminium.

Silver mirror is better than aluminium mirror. Choose sliver mirror, you can use that for very long time and reflection is much clear and beautiful.

Hope this can help you.