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Mirror Agent Banner of Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers in China).
Mirror Product Banner of Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers in China ).
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Thank you for visiting the Homemate Mirrors corporate website. Homemate Mirrors(China wall mirror manufacturers) was founded in 2008, and focusing on Wall Mirrors, Mirrored Furniture, and Mirror Decoration’s design and production.

After 10 year’s hardworking of all team members. Today, Homemate Mirrors is one of the leading wall mirror manufacturers in China.  We will continue to do our best to provide our customers with good mirrors and good customer service.   View More… 


Have a custom job?

We have a good experience on Projects (Hotels, Chain Shops of Clothing Brands, etc.). Let us quote your next Hospitality Industry,  or any other Building Project requirements.

Click here to learn how we can provide quality mirrors that our clients custom specifications. 

Or Contact us to let us know your special requirement.


Photo of Vivian- Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers in China ).

Vivian Ngai

Buyer of Homew *** international Ltd.

Hi David, I have been said tks a lot lately. This email is nothing about business. I am writing it to show my gratitude for what you have done for our order. I believe your boss will be so lucky and happy to have you as a staff.

Photo of Anibal Sarisjulis -Home mate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ).


GM of Inver *** *** eras Ho*ding ***

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your professional dedication on this order. It is first time we work with you, and I want to summarize the feeling of ALL of us, we are very delighted with your work.

Photo of Paul Mutinda - Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers in China ).


Project Manager of *** GROUP.

Your mirrors quality is so good, and much better than we bought before. How could we never met before. Also glad to see your professional and responsible team. We will definitely buy from you again.


Good Quality & Price

★ Good Material Being Used.
★ Inspections Before& During & After Production.
★ Keep Reducing Operating Cost.

Good Service

★ Professional,Efficent Sales Team.
★ Quickly Replying Questions.
★ Keep Posting Production Status.

On-time Delivery

★ Efficient, Skilled Production Team.
★ Good Production Plan.
★ Good Order-Following Plan for Sales.


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