Born in 1953, ABWB now is an excellent design company mainly focus on five-star projects ( Such as Hotel Sheraton, Hotel Ritz Carlton,Hotel Hyatt Regency ) . Their works have been executed in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Spain, the United States, Peru and Colombia.

We are very honored to be mirror supplier of them.


These mirrors are nine small mirrors spliced frameless mirror, with a 3mm thick decorative #shape stainless steel among these mirrors.  All sizes are about L150x H220cm, biggest one is L175cm x H220cm.

1. VERY difficult to produce 3x8x2000MM stainless steel bar. 3mm thickness is too small, 95% stainless steel factories in China can only produce 5mm.

2. VERY difficult to wield stainless steel bar to a good “#” shape. Stainless steel bar is too weak, deformation happens a lot during wielding.

3. Very difficult to make a beautiful “#”   All small mirrors need to be glued against stainless steel.  Both edges of mirrors and stainless steel need match well.   For Mirror No.5, there should be no deformation for stainless steel, otherswise mirror NO.5 will not be put inside of stainless steel.

4. Sizes of mirrors and stainless steel should be very exact, with sizes difference less 1mm.  Because they are framless mirrors. All mirrors on 4 sides should stay in a straight line. Any size difference will be very obvoious.

5. Customer want to 8mm thickness backboard to support such a big mirror, they want these mirrors looks like no backboard. The whole mirror will be like 50KGS, it is impossible to use 8mm backboard to bear this weight.

Decorative Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Deformation
Not Even
Not Match Well
Main Problems(1)
Main Problems(2)


It’s a big challenge to meet customers requirement. We hold a special meeting with our design team and production team for this inquiry.  After our evaluation, we thought challenge is big, still under our control, we can still produce these mirrors.  Here is  our solutions for these mirrors.


1. For # stainless steel part, Contact over twenty big stainless steel factories check if they can  produce it, and ask for prices, and sampling.  A lot of factories said impossible to produce these, and some said they can try, but failed during sampling.   Only one factory produce good stainless.

2. For mirrors, we choose our well trained senior worker to handle our machine  to cut  and grind mirrors.

3. During installment, The problems we predicted   Sizes of mirror stainless steel is ok, shape of stainless steel deformed.  So when installment finished, mirrors is like the following photos.

4. Evaluating Samples, Make a list of all problems happened during sampling. And send the list to all team members and stainless steel supplier. Analysize problems.


1. Hold a official meeting with stainless steel factory, restated all problems happened and our quality requirement, ask them do their best to produce these stainless steels.

2. Hold a meeting with all production team, sales team, QC team. Restate all problems happened and customers quality requirement. Asked production team to be more careful during production. Ask QC team and sales team to check quality frequently during whole production.

Finding Solutions of Team Members of Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ).
Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ) Mass Production Quality(1)
Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ) Mass Production Quality(2)
Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ) Mass Production Quality(3)
Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ) Mass Production Quality(4)
Homemate Mirrors ( Mirror Manufacturers ) Mass Production Quality(5)


I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your professional dedication on this order. It is first time we work with you, and I want to summarize the feeling of ALL of us, we are very delighted with your work. —— Anibal   GM of Inver *** *** eras Ho*ding ***