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Homemate Mirrors is a professional Commercial Mirror Manufacturer in China.

If you are trying to find a good commercial mirror manufacturer who can produce wall mirror, full-length mirror, mirrored furniture, and other mirror decoration for your project. We are a good choice. We are a professional mirror manufacturer with about 10 years of experience, have a good experience working with design companies. Our product quality is good, and the price is high.


What makes Homemate Mirrors a professional commercial mirror manufacturer in China?

10 years of hard work makes Homemate a commercial mirror manufacturer now in China. Homemate found in 2008, focusing on produce & design decorative wall mirrors & mirrored furniture and other mirror Decoration. After 10 years of hard work of the whole team. Now Homemate Mirrors has become a reliable and professional decorative mirror factory in China.  Good quality, competitive price, and good customer service are what we are proud of.


Why Homemate Mirrors is a professional commercial mirror manufacturer?

After years of development, now Homemate Mirrors have a good sales team, production team, and design team. Good English & Professional Skills & Clear Communication makes client’s purchase work easier.  The decorative mirrors and mirrored furniture we produced are nice. Wholesalers, retail stores, and design companies from different countries buy mirror products from us and sell them at a good profit. We have done many high-end hotels because of our high quality.  Following is one of the Hilton Hotel we have done.

As a professional commercial mirror manufacturer, what else project you have done?

As a professional commercial mirror manufacturer, We have done so many projects by working with different design companies.  We got a lot of good feedback from our clients. Here are a few more projects we did before for your reference.  

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